Information for clients on conversations with language mediators

A language mediator will take part in your conversation with a specialist.
The specialist will be the person who leads the conversation.
The language mediator will interpret everything that is said.
That is, they will translate everything you say into German.
And they will translate everything the specialist says into your language.

Here you will find information on what is important for the conversation:

The language mediator

  • is confidential, so they do not pass on any information about you or content from the conversation to other people.
  • is responsible for everyone in the conversation – both for you and the specialist.
  • is neutral, so they do not advise or support anyone.
  • will interpret everything that is said by you and the specialist.

The conversation itself

  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Use short, easily understandable sentences.
  • Pause after every two sentences so that the interpreter can translate.
  • Please understand if the interpreter may interrupt you so that they can translate.

The specialist

  • is your conversation partner.
  • has to ensure that you understand everything.
  • will answer your questions.

Always talk directly to the specialist – look at them during the conversation.

The Haus der Sprachmittlung wishes you a successful conversation!
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Information about the Haus der Sprachmittlung

Language mediation is crucial for people to communicate successfully.
That is why everyone should have the opportunity to be supported by language mediators in conversations.
Interpreting is usually from German into another language and back.

The Haus der Sprachmittlung provides information about language mediation in Rhineland-Palatinate.
It is committed to ensuring that everyone can receive certified language mediation.
The Haus der Sprachmittlung is funded by the Ministry of Integration in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, which means it is there for everyone in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Haus der Sprachmittlung provides important information on the following website:

  • You can find the right offer in your area in the overview of language mediation services.
  • You can download an explanation of language mediators' tasks in your language.

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